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About Into Franchise coaching & training

Everything around you has ever been created from a thought. What are your dominant thoughts? And what emotions awaken those thoughts? How do you look at things? Can you easily change perspective? All questions that are decisive if you want to choose who you want to be.

INTO Franchise coaching & training teaches you to look differently. You learn to look at possibilities instead of impossibilities. We are so conditioned that we look at what we do not want. Because we are focused on our current reality, we are unable to see which opportunities present themselves to us. What about you? Do you have everything you want or do you have everything you do not want?

INTO Franchise coaching & training pulls you out of your pattern and challenges you to rediscover yourself. Is not it strange that most people always do the same but expect different results every time? Changing is making small steps and seeing big changes. INTO Franchise assists coaching & training in change processes. INTO Franchise coaching & training challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and do what you do not dare. You will be amazed at what you are capable of.

Becoming a franchisee

Why undertake? This question is crucial. The start determines the finish! It starts with yourself. Which self do you actually listen to? Yourself in your head or yourself in your heart? Are you motivated and are you going to start your entrepreneurial adventure full of passion or are you motivated and there is a need or another incentive through which you are investigating whether entrepreneurship is something for you. Do you want to do business successfully from your strength? Register now for the training "Introduction to entrepreneurship - doing business with your heart".

Aanmelden introductie tot ondernemerschap


Are you ready for entrepreneurship?

In addition to the skills required for entrepreneurship, you also need specific characteristics to be successful in doing business. Are you also mentally ready?

Doe hier de reflectietest


INTO Franchise coaching & training focuses on the person. Apart from your background, education or experience, we look at you as a person and your aspirations and ambitions. With a spiritual rationale, we have been developed several training courses to zoom in on your true self. You get more insights into who you are so that we can help you to become the person that you want to be.

Personal growth

In order to determine what makes you happy, there are a number of steps to be distinguished. These steps help you to clarify for which actions are relevant to you and take you on the road to happiness that you so desire. You are provided with tools to choose for yourself and therefore be able to rise to greater heights.


Creative thinking

Look differently, think differently. That is the core of the creative thinking course. We have fixed patterns in everything we do. This also applies to our thinking. In this course you are taught to break free from your fixed thinking patterns. By placing things in a different perspective, another perception is immediately created.


You want to be successful as an entrepreneur. But what is success? Do you have success if you have earned a lot of money? In this course you will be taken on a journey to the goal behind the goal. Because everything we do, also become an entrepreneur, we do because we ultimately think we are happy about it. Are you happy?

Wil je ondernemer worden en je zoekt inspiratie?


As a franchisor you have a lot of knowledge about the franchise formula. In practice, it appears that once this knowledge has been transferred to the franchisee it has acquired the knowledge but then finds it difficult to apply it. Wisdom is a smart application of your knowledge, so if you do not apply your knowledge you may be smart but not wise!

Of course, as a franchisor, you have an influence on the skills of the franchisee to put this important knowledge into practice. Are you the franchisor that you want to be? Do franchisers understand the value of your knowledge about the franchise? How do you inspire franchise-holders to apply and concretise knowledge?

What we can do for franchisors?

With the same basic idea, franchisors are looked at. After all, we are all people who have developed certain patterns. Franchisers can reinvent themselves and bring about changes that bring benefits to the organization with new insights and perspectives.

Are you the franchisor that you want to be?

You have started a franchise formula based on your own ideals and you have set certain goals. Now looking back you realize that your franchise has grown but you have gradually deviated from your ideal company. You are not experiencing the same  energy from the organization that it has become now. Recognizable? How do you go back to the basics? How do you find the pleasure of franchising?

Inspiring franchisees

A franchise benefits when franchisor and franchisees have the same objectives, when everyone is facing the same way. You can achieve this by recalling the values of the franchise and what it means. In a specially organized meeting one is inspired and will receive renewed energy to carry out the formula.

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